Monday, 5 January 2015

Freesia gardening in an apartment

Freesia gardening in apartment

Find out how to have a garden apartment!
Do you want to find out tips for freesia gardening in an apartment?
My garden is in my apartment balcony.
I love freesia.
I have my own:
 yellow, purple and red....and white freesia after a long winter.
Freesia is my favorite, I even want a wedding freesia bouquet, white and purple....
in the future...but I have no plan for wedding this year.
Find out the steps for freesia gardening in apartment.

How to garden in an apartment

Do you want to know how I take care of my freesia?
I plant it in early January in a pot 15 cm and the first flower appears in June. 
You have to keep the pot in a medium dark cold room.

Quality time in my freesia garden

I like to spend quality time in my freesia garden and reading this poems book.
I hope you enjoy it!

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